Malabou | Metal Component Solutions


Our comprehensive Metallurgical Expertise and Extensive Manufacturing Networks deliver Globally competitive metal parts, metal components and subassemblies to OEM’s & Industrial clients.

Our team of Metallurgists, Mechanical and Material Engineers will work closely with you to ensure we understand you requirements and meet your quality, cost and delivery for your metal product requirements.

Companies don’t compete, supply chains compete. Your supply chain is a serious source of competitive advantage. Not only will efficient management of the supply chain lead to cost reductions but synergies between the participants of your chain can help you step up the value chain increasing revenue.

Malabou are the Australasian pioneers in assisting Original Equipment Manufacturers to achieve a competitive advantage with the outsourced supply of metal parts, metal components and complete subassemblies. As such they are recognised as a major contributor to OEM success and are the leading suppliers metal parts in a number of industrial sectors.

We understand that sending us your designs and concepts requires an assurance of confidentiality. We are committed to protecting your intellectual property and happy to enter into non-disclosure agreements.