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One Mahurangi
Stronger together


At our AGM on 21 October 2020, members of the One Warkworth Business Association voted to change our name to One Mahurangi, but our ethos and mandate remains the same. One Mahurangi works in the heart of the community to support and boost business growth. We work for businesses in Warkworth as a business improvement district, and alongside neighbouring towns and villages in north Rodney.

  • We connect with the community and drive economic development initiatives that build a stronger foundation for business success
  • We provide one strong voice for local businesses in the meetings that count
  • We drive connections between local area businesses for a strong business community
  • We lobby and work with special interest groups to ensure our business community is heard when it comes to major transport and infrastructure decisions
  • We champion local business
  • We create opportunities for local business to take advantage of the rapid growth within our region.

Together we are stronger.

Kocal Warkworth businesses
Together we are stronger

One Voice

We provide one strong voice for local businesses in the meetings that count.


A strong united voice is critical in getting the attention of decision makers.

We represent businesses and commercial property owners at key meetings to ensure projects, policies and plans best reflect local business needs.


One Mahurangi summarises key issues so that members understand how local and central government decisions will impact on their operational or financial interests, then actively encourages participation in the submission process.

We ensure consultation with our members is adequate, and that there is time for them to make submissions providing deadline reminders through our communication channels.

One Mahurangi is instrumental in getting local and central government leaders and spokespeople to present at business events, and provide members with opportunities to ask questions.


One Mahurangi engages with key stakeholders, including but not limited to:

> Members of Parliament
> Auckland Council
> Auckland Transport
> Auckland Unlimited (formerly ATEED)
> Local Board

We also facilitate public workshops/meetings with business owners and other community groups.

Connect & Collaborate

We drive connections between local area businesses for a stronger business community.


We give our members up to date, professional and relevant information about what is required for their business to succeed in Warkworth and wider Mahurangi area.

Our website is actively managed. We continuously improve our content and keep it relevant.

We have strong relationships with local media, and can provide connections with the wider community as well as marketing leverage for our members.

Our traction on Facebook is increasing, providing boosted social media presence for our members.


Our members are invited to host networking events, which are held at different venues each month. It is here that we learn from each other, share concerns, solve problems, and of course socialise.

As the representative of many local businesses, we have a special responsibility to the wider community. We do this by hosting the Santa Parade as well as participating in the annual Kowhai Festival and the Mahurangi Festival of Lights.

Members & Sponsors

Our members and sponsors are the lifeblood of One Mahurangi.

Providing both financial support and a wealth of experience and knowledge, we are constantly looking for ways we can share this expertise and help each other build business capacity.

Networking and connecting with local businesses
Our business community is thriving

Succeed & Grow

We connect the community and deliver initiatives that contribute to business success.

Buy Local

Our search optimised website and business directory, make it easy for people to buy local - they can find you without even knowing the name of your business.

Customers and clients can also contribute reviews, which will attract repeat and new business.


We host and publicise workshops so members get the latest information on business best practice and changing regulations so they can adapt and succeed.

Economic Development

One Mahurangi applies for grants for economic development initiatives to create opportunities for businesses in the Warkworth and wider Mahurangi area.

We are constantly looking at ways we can share this expertise to help other businesses improve their capability and build capacity.

Keeping Business Moving

We lobby and work with special interest groups to ensure our business community is heard when it comes to major transport and infrastructure decisions.


Business in our region is growing, and with this success comes growing infrastructure demands.

It is critical to manage this to ensure Warkworth and the greater Mahurangi area remains a desirable place to work, live and relax.

We regularly host public meetings with Auckland Council and Council Controlled Organisations such as Auckland Transport and Watercare so they understand the impact their activities have on businesses.

We ensure our members are consulted with on infrastructure changes that impact on access, productivity and investment.

We provide regular updates on infrastructure changes that have an impact on access, productivity and investment.

Safety & Access

One Mahurangi connects members with Auckland Transport and other agencies on local issues such as cycle lanes, walkways and the management of on-street parking.

We do this by collecting data and feedback from members and presenting it to the appropriate people including traffic engineers and safety teams.

We work with Auckland Transport and NZTA to help develop solutions for main arterial routes including Matakana Link Road and the offramp to the south of Warkworth as part of the new Puhoi to Warkworth motorway.


We give the local business community a voice and influence planners to give us great solutions.

Business moving figuratively and literally

Together we are stronger

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Supporting our businesses during COVID-19.