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J G Wech Plumbers & Drainlayers
J G Wech Plumbers And Drainlayers strive to meet and exceed your expectations and provide fast, reliable plumbing services to clients.
We offer our clients a wide range of drainage services which include:
Kitchen and Bathroom Repairs
Dripping Tap Repairs
Unblocking Drains and Toilets
Hot Water Cylinder Installations
Storm water
Sink wastes
Hot Water Cylinder Installations
Dishwasher Installations
Call J G Wech Plumbers And Drainlayers for more information and to discuss all your requirements today.

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    Karyn Amoore Submission May 19, 2019

    Wech plumbers are THE BEST!!! :)

    I have been living in my home West of Kaipara Flats & Hoteo River Valley for 3.5yrs now. In all of that time I have been unable to enjoy a full-pressure shower without the x2 bathroom shower boxes both filling up to your ankles!!
    I inspected the plumbing underneath both showers & noticed the crazy arrangements of plumbing installed at construction approx 16yrs ago. The tiny gauge drain was horizontal to the floorboards, with no "drop" at all, & with angle bends everywhere, connecting to the main waste water pipe!!! The previous plumber was an idiot, or his apprentice did the work.

    Wech plumbing made space in their schedule for me, willing to juggle their appointments, tho it wasn't an emergency...
    The short story is that I've had THE BEST showers now, with full blasting pressure & I had a compliment from my neice too... It's now THE BEST SHOWER EVER!!!
    Thanks Jason & Aaron at JG Wech Plumbers!!

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