2nd June 2022 update – Back to business after Covid hits the office

“It’s just like a bad cold,” they said…
So many people told me, “it wasn’t too bad” that I didn’t worry when I started to feel a little unwell a couple of weeks ago, and then, bam! – I tested positive for Covid-19. The infamous virus had finally caught up with me.
A couple of days into it I realised that maybe this was worse than I had been led to believe. My throat was on fire, and I kept coughing even though the pain in my chest and lungs was enough to make me cry. I was exhausted and I struggled to breathe. Now it’s nearly three weeks later I’m still exhausted with very little energy.
I don’t tell you all this because I want sympathy – I know the virus affects everyone differently. I know plenty of people who had very minor symptoms and came through without too much trouble. The reason I am sharing my experience is that there seems to be another wave of Covid hitting people locally and we need to be aware that it could affect you and your staff.
We all talked a lot a couple of months ago about managing staff and where possible working in pods. I think now we need to also be talking about managing staff as they come back from having had Covid. Because, if they had the bad version like I experienced, they won’t be able to hit the ground running, they will need to ease back into it. Expectations on productivity may need to be readjusted and some creative solutions required as we ease back into business “on the other side”. 

At One Mahurangi we are discussing a few new workshop ideas to address these emerging challenges and will be releasing details about these upcoming business support events soon. Watch this space.
Something on a more positive note: the Emergency Services Dinner, what an amazing night! Around 180 guests including the Emergency Services, our local MPs from both main parties just mucking in to help serve, the Minister of Police, but also our community volunteers out there serving food and drinks, clearing tables, and looking after the guests.
We had amazing entertainment from the Jade River Ukes, Lulu, Andy Richards, and Brian Oaks our Magician. All these talented entertainers gave their time and talent free of charge. 
You will see in this newsletter below all the local businesses who gave us their products, services, and financial support to be able to run this hugely successful event. Make it your priority to LOVE LOCAL and do business with these generous and supportive local businesses because we are STRONGER TOGETHER.

Murray Chapman
Manager, One Mahurangi Business Association

Support Local, Buy Local, Employ Local, Love Local!

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