28th Sep 2023 Update | Post AGM, pre-election thoughts

Election Time Reflections

Last night, we hosted our Annual General Meeting (AGM), a time when the turnout tends to be a bit lower unless there’s a controversial topic at hand. Nonetheless, it was great to see an engaged and interested audience.

During the meeting, I had the opportunity to chat with several of you. It’s always intriguing to me how New Zealanders tend to pause their decision-making when the general elections are on the horizon, even though most of the changes won’t have an immediate impact.

As a result of the AGM, we have a fresh Committee for One Mahurangi, featuring some new faces alongside our more seasoned members. I’m excited about the perspectives and expertise our new Committee members will bring to the table as we navigate the year ahead. We will introduce the new committee to you once the positions have been finalised.

Coming up next week, we have another open forum scheduled with Warkworth retailers and street-front businesses. We’re committed to fostering discussions on how we can transform Warkworth into not just a destination but a place where visitors want to linger. This vision includes having shops and cafes that are open to cater to those from out of town.

We recognize that not every local business can stay open at all times, and that’s perfectly acceptable. What we’re striving for is a balance—some open businesses while exploring other attractions that can entice people to visit and stay in town.

While it might seem simple to advertise our town’s charms, I believe we must work together to delve deeper. Let’s formulate a promotional plan that benefits everyone in the long run. How can we encourage businesses to extend their hours on weekends and holidays? What should those hours be? And what other events and attractions can we promote to encourage visitors to stay and spend their money?

These are the crucial questions our Retailers’ Think Tank forum will examine together. Importantly, One Mahurangi is committed to achieving these goals without burdening our businesses with additional financial requests. With the right strategy and planning, all of this is within reach. Our Retailers’ Think Tank is led by our retailers themselves, and I have full confidence that the plan we all craft together will lure visitors back to our town.

While it’s tempting to think we’re alone in experiencing a quiet season, rest assured, this slowdown is common throughout the country. In fact, among the 64 Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) around Auckland, our area consistently ranks 16th overall, which means we’re performing admirably compared to the majority of Auckland BID areas. See our Marketview results posted in the newsletter below.

Let’s work together to make Warkworth and the surrounding Mahurangi area an even more vibrant and attractive place for both residents and visitors alike. We are Stronger Together.
Murray Chapman
One Mahurangi Manager

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