27th Oct 2021 One Mahurangi Update - Have Your Say!


My Father, who sadly passed away a long time ago, was a great joiner of committees. In a small town like the South Island’s Kurow, (population of just over 300), being on a committee was a great way to network.

I always promised myself that I wouldn’t be like him in that way. Why would I want to spend my precious time in a committee meeting!? Nowadays, I have the feeling he must look down from wherever he is as he laughs at me trying to juggle the various committees I have committed to.

What has surprised me is what I have got from committing to each of these organisations. It’s the friends I have made but also the feeling of being involved in our community and feeling a part of something bigger than myself.

Whenever an AGM is mentioned, the biggest fear I hear from people is, “I’m not going along, I might end up on the committee”. In some cases that fear is well-founded, but in most of the committees I am on, we normally have the committee in place and sorted well before the AGM.

One Mahurangi will host our AGM online via Zoom this Thursday (tomorrow) and I can assure you all that you won’t be press-ganged into being on the committee. However, what you will find out about is what your local Business Association has been working on, on your behalf. How the money we receive is utilized in working for the town and what our plans are looking forward.

In short, my message to you is twofold; Don’t be afraid to register for the AGM on Thursday (see link below), you won’t have to join the committee unless of course, you want to! Member of the committee or not, attending the AGM you will become better informed and part of something important, your community.

For those thinking about joining the committee but feeling hesitant, let me reassure you. The time commitment is not as bad as you may think and the friends you will make, plus the added satisfaction from digging your roots deeper into your community will make it very worthwhile. If you want to be part of the future of this community, please don’t remain on the fringes. We want you to be part of this with us and we welcome your involvement.

Remember we are stronger together. Support Local, Buy Local, Employ Local, Love Local.

See you at the AGM tomorrow night!

Murray Chapman
Manager, One Mahurangi Business Association

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