3rd March 2022 – How can we help?

How can we help?
As I have walked about town over the last three weeks what has stood out for me has been how quiet it has been. And for good reason! Today over 22,000 new cases of Covid have been reported in NZ. That statistic is enough to make anyone want to take cover. Because positive cases of Covid and their household members having to isolate for 10 days, many people have been absent from work, school, and the town centers. It can feel a little strange seeing a sign outside a shop explaining they are temporarily closed. However eerie this stage of the worldwide pandemic can feel, we have been told that this phase should be fairly short as the virus peaks and then wanes. Crossing all fingers and toes only a couple of weeks perhaps!

What can we do while we wait this stage out? Take care of yourself first, make sure you and your family, your work colleagues, and your business team are safe, and if sick, resting through recovery. If you are well perhaps you can check on others remotely and see if they need a delivery or grocery collection.

At One Mahurangi we have been heartened to see a few of our hospitality businesses offering local home deliveries for those isolating. Shop locally online where you can. Visit onemahurangi.co.nz for local business listings and contacts. Now is the time our community spirit really kicks in as we see where we can help. Now is the time we really show that we Love Local. 

Below you will see the flyer for the Emergency Services Dinner on the 11th of May. As I sit here in the office the Fire siren has gone off once again and this means more volunteers rushing away from their work or families to help those in trouble. This dinner is a chance for you to give back to our local heroes by either donating funds toward the running of the dinner or by putting your hand up to help on the night. One Mahurangi would like to offer the opportunity for the local community to serve our Emergency Services personnel and to make them feel our gratitude for all of the hours they put in. If you are keen to be involved, we look forward to hearing from you.

For the last two years, we have worked and lived in the Covid world and I think all of us have had enough and just want it to end so we can get back to some normality. Go easy on yourself and easy on others as we try to get through together.

As we have always said here at One Mahurangi, we are Stronger Together

Murray Chapman
Manager, One Mahurangi Business Association

Support Local, Buy Local, Employ Local, Love Local!

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