30th Sep 2021 One Mahurangi Update - Mental Health Awarness Week - Stronger Together

Mental Health Awareness Week – Stronger Together

There has been a lot written about mental health over the last few weeks of lockdown. I believe that for most of us, this lockdown has affected us more than the first for several reasons.

Last year the first lockdown was held during a spell of exceptionally fine weather which enabled us to get out, walk around and connect with neighbours. (From a safe distance of course) Many of these people in our neighbourhood we hadn’t really met
before so that sense of community identity was strengthened.

This was also the first time we had been in lockdown so there was a feeling of doing something new and being part of something that we were all in together. I also think that people were more inclined to want to do the right thing and our team of five million had a nice ring to it.

For the many people I have spoken to, this lockdown has felt different. The weather has been rubbish most of the time and we’ve had to remain indoors a lot. As we’ve sat inside and watched the news roll in some have become increasingly angrier at those who consider themselves above the law. Most of us are trying to do the right thing so we can get out of this sooner… but there is only so much bread you can bake!

What can we do if we are feeling down and a bit lost and angry during this time and what can you do as a business owner or manager? The hardest thing I believe is to admit that you are going through a rough patch. It is especially hard for us men to accept but being able to talk to your partner, wife, husband, friends and sharing how you are feeling, is often the first step to helping you deal with what is happening.

As I have mentioned before, if you have staff reach out to them, check to see how they’re feeling. Is there anything you can do or is there anything they want to talk about? Health professionals are out there that they can talk to if needed and often your local GP is a good place to start. As the saying goes, “it’s ok to not be ok”.

I have spoken to friends during this lockdown who have said there are days when they just want to burst into tears. I know that for me, when I have suffered tragedy in my life, it has been friends that have been there to lend an ear, a cup of coffee or something stronger, and sometimes an arm around me. These are the things that get you through.

I am hoping that on Monday we will be told that we are going down to Alert Level Two soon and in a short time then down to Level One. Of course, this happening all depends on a number of things, many of which, as individuals, we have little or no control over. However, if you able to get vaccinated then please do. This is the one thing that will get us back to “normality” sooner. I understand that there will be some of you who will take offense at that suggestion, and I respect your right to have a different opinion as you would respect mine.

The sooner we can get back to a situation where businesses can operate freely, where we can have events that bring joy to people then the sooner we will all feel so much better.

The tag line for One Mahurangi is Stronger Together and I don’t think there has been a better time for us all to help one another. Listen to one another and care for one another because we are still in this together and we really are Stronger Together.

Murray Chapman
Manager, One Mahurangi Business Association


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