23rd Sep 2021 One Mahurangi Update - Alert Level 3, Spreading the Love!

Spreading the Love

It was so nice to drive into the main street of Warkworth this morning and see so many people out enjoying their morning, takeaway coffee. I was pleased to see just about everyone had masks on and were socially distancing themselves from one another.

I also loved the fact that people were chatting together even if they were unknown to each other. It’s these friendly exchanges that make us the community that we are.
I bought a coffee from one place and some pies from another – to heck with the diet! I then went back and got a second coffee from another, different café. Tomorrow I will go down and get something from the cafes I didn’t visit today, and again the day after because it dawned on me as I was driving into town: we need to spread the love. Even if your favourite café or eatery is in the centre of town, be adventurous and drive up into the Industrial area or go to the Grange as there are some great food places there that are really worth a visit.

I love the push that I see happening with the Buy Local message online. Once again new Facebook Groups are popping up to support local businesses, letting people know that they are open. These online platforms are great ways to get your message out and seen by your customers. Put your information up on all of them including the One Mahurangi Business Directory because it will all help. Email lauren@onemahurangi.co.nz if your business listing on the website needs updating or if you would like the promotion of your online content by One Mahurangi across our social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

We are getting closer and closer to being able to have the freedom we all want once again! Let us all do the right things, wear masks, get vaccinated, scan in and keep to the regulations. Do this and hopefully, we will be able to attend events again with our family and friends.

Remember: Buy Local, Support Local, Employ Local

Murray Chapman
Manager, One Mahurangi Business Association


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