20th Oct 2021 One Mahurangi Update - There's a bit of a Hot Topic....

There’s a bit of a hot topic…

I was brought up with the idea that there were subjects you never spoke about in polite company. Topics such as politics, religion, and sex for example were private choices and not up for public discussion. But it seems that times are changing and some people’s private choices are impacting others quite publicly.

I have spoken with a number of local business people and there is real concern about how they should handle unvaccinated customers and/or indeed staff. This new situation can bring up a wide range of questions and things to consider when operating a business safely.

Some have expressed that they don’t know how to appropriately ask staff if they are vaccinated as they believe it is their own personal business. (Topics such as this will be covered in tomorrow’s free webinar with WRMK Lawyers’ experts. See below to register)

There are some who would like to have a sign that notifies customers and says All Staff Vaccinated, and others who would like to only deal with customers who are vaccinated from Covid19. Is it up to a staff member to ask an approaching customer, “are you vaccinated?” and what happens if the customer gets offended and/or aggressive? How will this scenario affect businesses and their bottom line?

I think it will be difficult for a business, especially a café or a restaurant, to ask their staff to enforce a rule of “no vaxx no entry“. Some businesses may insist on it and good luck to them if they can.

The majority of people I know want all of their friends and family to get vaccinated so we can, not only get out of lockdowns but can protect the vulnerable and young in our community. I would like to see coming from Government some clear directions to businesses on what we can and cannot do once we open up again. Let the responsibility land with the government, not the small business owner trying to keep staff and customers safe while also trying to run a successful business. I believe businesses have enough to worry about without having to police customers’ vaccination status!

We are in new and trying times with a lot of people very stressed over lockdown wondering if their businesses will survive. Let’s hope for some clarity over the questions around Covid19 vaccination responsibilities. For now though, I think I might stick to safer topics such as politics, religion, and sex at the next dinner party I go to!

Until such a time, remember to continue to Support Local, Buy Local, Employ Local, and Love Local!

Murray Chapman
Manager, One Mahurangi Business Association

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